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 Q: Can I customize the bundles? 

A: Actually, yes. We do offer customization of our seasonal capsule bundles. If the Full Monti and the Tini Top-up don’t have the exact items you need for the season, you can email us or DM us on Instagram about the build-your-own MiMonti bundle. We’ll send you a seasonal price list, kinda like an a la carte menu (think shorts instead of calamari) and you tell us what you need. For example: shorts x 2, swimsuit, socks. Or, tees x 4, shorts x 5, pants x 1. We’ll send you an invoice. And boom, seasonal shopping done.

Q: What if the items don’t fit? 

A: We choose clothing that is intentionally gender neutral and often with a 'free' silhouette. This means that our sizing is usually very accurate and bonus, often fits for longer than average. If you encounter issues with sizing, please don't hesitate to get in touch

Q: Do you sell toys?

A: Right now, we only sell a few, but we hope to expand this offering in the near future. Stay tuned. You can sign up for Monti Mail at the bottom right of this page or follow us on Instagram @tinimonti for updates. 

Q: What is a seasonal capsule bundle? 

A: It's a collection of staple clothes that can be put together in different ways and includes everything you would normally need to wear over the season. It is meant to support the idea of shopping less often, but more intentionally. 

Q: Why no shoes or underwear in the capsule bundles? 

A: Ugh, we know. We are most definitely working on finding a great option when it comes to both. 

Q: Will you sell clothing for bigger kids? 

A: We most definitely plan to sell clothes for kids up to 10 years. And we can't wait. Until then, you can sign up for Monti Mail at the bottom right of the page or follow us on Instagram @tinimonti for updates. 

Q: Why do you sell new and not only pre-loved? 

A: We are starting with new and a small selection of pre-loved bundles that we plan to grow. Our hope is to create a virtuous circle that honours the simple, modern aesthetic, whether new or pre-loved. We also hope that the bundled nature of our products makes them easier to pass on to friends and family so that our products enjoy a long life. 

Q: Do you offer a registry service? 

A: We don't offer a registry currently, but it's on our to do list. Feel free to sign up for Monti Mail at the bottom right of the page or follow us on Instagram @tinimonti for updates. 

Q: What’s your return policy? 

A: Please refer to our return policy.

Q: Can I return one item in a bundle? 

A: If you need to return one item in a bundle you can follow the steps outlined in our return policy. We will provide the value of the individual item and credit you accordingly.

Q: Where are you located? I like to support local. 

A: We are located in Toronto and The Blue Mountains, Canada.


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